Fine Hand-dyed yarns

Fair, Organic, Mulesingfree

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Our philosophy

Wunderwolle is situated in switzerland and was founded in November 2014 with an ambitious aim: To consequently sell yarn, that is manifactured in an animal- and environment-friendly way, in order to take a stand against exploitation of animals, people and the environment. Besides that, we wished our yarn to be washable, soft and long-lasting.

We are proud, to have reached these exceptional aims. All of our yarn bases are mulesingfree, fair-traded, sustainable and organic, as noted.

Did you know that wool...

  • often means cruelty against animals? 
  • is often polluted?
  • mainly not fair-traded?

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  • is engaged and has dedicated only to sell yarn, that guarantees a good conscience towards animals, people and the environment
  • offers colourful and fine hand-dyed yarns
  • is mashine washable, soft and long-lasting