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What is Mulesing?

Mulesing is a very painful procedure, mainly applied to merino sheep, in order to avoid fly strike (this is a parasitic infestation of the body by fly larvae/maggots). To do this large parts of the skin from the back of the lambs are cut away - without anesthesia - to save on costs! The intended result is a scar formation, that prevents the sheep from fly strike - but at a very high price! Mulesing, named after John Mules, is common practice in Australia, where 90 percent of the merino wool worldwide comes from. The sheep also regularly suffer through chemical sheep dips (see below) and are shipped for slaughter, when no longer needed for wool industry, under incredibly cruel conditions. Most knitters do not know, what cruelties are coming along with the yarn they use for their handicraft.

Why is wool often polluted?

Sheep often suffer through chemical sheep dips, which is not only unpleasant for the animals but also negative for people and the environment - and  of course for the yarn, that knitters use.

What means GOTS-certified?

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an international, very strict standard for organic manifacturing. GOTS guarantees: The sheep are kept and feed organically and without the usage of pesticides. They do not suffer mulesing. The workers are payed fair, child labour is forbidden. The textiles have to be manufacured in a sustainable, environmental-friendly way.

Why did we found Wunderwolle?

We founded Wunderwolle with an ambitious aim: We wanted to use and sell yarn that allows a good conscience towards animals, people and the environment. Besides that, we wished our yarn to be mashine washable and long-lasting. And moreover: Wunderwolle should not only be wonderful for animals and the environment, but also be wonderful for the people, who knit, crochet or weave with it, thus being extraordinary soft, cheerful and colourful. We are proud, to have reached these ambitious aims, and are therefore convinced: Wunderwolle (wonder(ful) wool) is definitely the perfect name for our yarn. 

What about mashine wash?
All our yarns are mashine washable at a maximum of 30 degrees. Wash gentle and dry flat. No tumbling. No fabric softener.

What colours are used?
We use professional acid dyes, cerftified to ├ľkotex Standard 100. These dyes are harmless to health.

What about stain?

We fix and wash our yarn carefully and therefore the yarn will usually not stain of dye. To be safe, please wash our yarns with similar colours, especially at the first time. 

Are all skeins the same?

Each skein Wunderwolle is hand-dyed individually. That is why each skein will be slightly different. However, they will be closest to each other if dyed all at the same time. We recommend therefore, to plan your projects carefully and to buy the skeins all at once. In case, there are not enough skeins on stock, please let us know, so we may dye the desired amount of skeins especially for you.